Interview with a Crypto Founder and Researcher

Sometimes the best way to learn about how something works is to learn how people use it. In today’s interview, we’re talking with Kyle Gonzales, one of the founders of Avogadro One. Kyle is also a founder of NextPrime. Part of the reason that Avogadro One has the feature set that it does is that Kyle is a power-user, and we wanted to share his story.

Erik: Kyle, can you tell us a little bit about NextPrime and what kind of things you need to know to support that business?

Kyle: Sure. NextPrime is a small proprietary trading firm focused on cryptocurrencies and I am one of the founders. As I started to work in this business, inevitably I had to keep track of cryptocurrencies. But it wasn’t your typical crypto research that I was trying to do.

Erik: What do you mean by that?

Kyle: Well, I wasn’t particularly interested in new tokens or people pontificating about price movements. I fully understand the benefits of independence and decentralization that cryptos offer. Some of my primary areas of interest, for example, were institutional adoption of crypto, or what the big exchanges were doing with technology, or security, etceteras.

Erik: OK, so you had very specific information you were looking for within the world of crypto news?

Kyle: Exactly.

Erik: Was it a challenge to find what you were looking for without Avogadro One?

Kyle: It was pretty awful. There were anywhere from 8-10 sites that I regularly would check for the type of information I needed. I had to pull each one of them up every day and spend time digging around trying to find the tidbits that were relevant for me.

On each site, I would end up performing the same tedious tasks of scrolling, reading summaries, maybe digging in a little bit, only to find that the article was not what I was looking for. Ultimately, finding what I needed, if it was even there that day, took a lot of time - probably several hours each day. And, if the information I was looking for was a little older, forget about it. None of the sites I frequented made it easy to find older content.

Erik: And why were you doing this research?

Kyle: For a combination of two reasons. First, NextPrime was trying to engage on social media and conduct other marketing activities, and the research findings would feed those efforts. Second, I also needed and wanted to know these details for both NextPrime and my own personal reasons.

Erik: So what was the end result of your struggling?

Kyle: Well, it often would be a lot like fishing. I would spend all day in the boat that is the internet, and come home empty-handed despite all my efforts.

Erik: Well, that sounds like it stinks. How did Avogadro One change your workflow?

Kyle: Avogadro One made it a lot easier. Since all of the sites I was frequenting had RSS feeds, I was able to easily add them as sources in my Avogadro One account. At that point, I could simply set up streams that had the keywords I was interested in.

Erik: So, now you would go to Avogadro One every day to look at your filtered streams?

Kyle: I didn’t even have to do that. Avogadro One emails me once a day with all of the new content that arrived in the last 24 hours that matches my filters and keywords.

Erik: How was the quality of the content that you ended up being notified about?

Kyle: The quality was generally pretty good. Occasionally I would end up with an article that might have had the right keywords, but the context was wrong. Not every article about Bitcoin and Coinbase is what I’m looking for, but it got better recently.

Erik: What got better?

Kyle: Avogadro One added some natural language processing on the back-end, I think. I can mark articles as “relevant” or “irrelevant” to the filters and keywords. I guess you are training some kind of AI model under the covers that processes the articles based on my input. Since I’ve been marking articles, the hit rate for quality content that meets my criteria is way up.

Erik: We’re not sending you much that isn’t relevant to your interests?

Kyle: Not hardly at all. Avogadro One has, more or less, automated 100% of the work I used to do manually. Now I can actually slice and dice even more filters and keywords and get more research accomplished in the same amount of time. As new sites appear, as long as they have RSS feeds, I can add them as sources easily and Avogadro One just incorporates that into my existing setup.

Erik: It sounds like you’re pretty happy, then!

Kyle: Absolutely. I never go directly to any of the news sites anymore. In 2021, I have not gone directly to a cryptocurrency site.

Erik: That sounds great. Thanks for your time, Kyle.

Kyle: No problem.


What do you think? Does Kyle’s story sound too good to be true? Since Avogadro One is free to try, why don’t you sign up today and experiment for yourself?

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