Custom News Curation Powered by Artificial Intelligence

Helping you easily turn information into knowledge

Avogadro One is a simplified information management platform that turns the daily deluge of information and data into knowledge.

Whether you're an information worker or want a better way to stay informed about the world around you, Avogadro One uses the power of artificial intelligence to help you.

Avogadro One makes information management suck less. We help you spend less time fighting with multiple sites and tools, so you spend more time gathering knowledge.

You control the narrative

You determine what’s important, not some obscure algorithm behind the curtain. Pick the sources you trust, not what someone else wants you to read.

Value your time

Don’t drink from a firehose of information. Use keywords (or advanced search queries) to filter the news flow and sort incoming content into specific project folders. Still want to just read everything a source publishes? We have no problem with that either. And yes, it is possible to mark articles as relevant or irrelevant to help filter out noise.

You also don’t have to leave the app to view full content – just ask us to enable full article fetching for a source that only provides snippets in its RSS feed*.

* Not guaranteed to work with all websites due to some sites blocking this.

Work on your own terms

Select which projects to send email notifications from, pick a starting time and interval (from as little as 30 minutes to as long as you need) and go about your day without having to manually refresh every few minutes.

Share your setup

Generate a shareable link for a project and share it with others to allow them to copy your project into their own account. You can delete the link at any time to restore privacy.

Other Useful Features

  • Bookmarks
  • Notes
  • Full-featured search

Just enough to get you started

2 Projects
3 Streams per project
5 Personal sources (RSS feeds)
30 Days of content history
AI-powered relevance predictions
Powerful keyword filters and search
Shareable projects
Configurable email notifications

Good value

$10/month ($100/year)
Everything in Free, plus:
Unlimited projects
Unlimited streams per project
100 Personal sources (RSS feeds)
90 Days of content history

Upcoming Features

Please let us know which new features you desire most by filling out a small survey to help us prioritize. We’re looking into several new features right now, but maybe you’re after something completely different?

Tell us what you can't live without (and would pay for - we're a business after all). 👉

Our Vision

Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and others return you the results that advertisers and marketers have engineered for you to see. Pure feed readers don't apply intelligence at best and give you a stream of confirmation bias at worst.

The overarching trends can be easy to spot, but the essential details can get lost in the abundance of data. Avogadro One clarifies it for you.

We help you navigate the small details so you can understand the big picture. We help you turn information into real knowledge.

Avogadro One automates the repetitive and boring tasks of information management. We use the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, language processing, and other advanced computing technologies to turn your information curiosity into actionable knowledge.

Whether you're an expert, an individual, or a firm or fund, Avogadro One's aim is: research, don't search.

Our key principles of efficient work with information:

  • You should have access to the information that is valuable for achieving your goals, where and when you need it
  • You should spend time on processing such information, and not on sifting through tons of useless content
  • Third parties should not be able to arbitrarily limit access to information that you consider valuable
  • You should be able to benefit from the “hive mind” of others with similar goals to yours, in a mutually beneficial way