Helping the diligent turn information into knowledge with ease.

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A Simplified Information Management Platform

Avogadro One is a platform that helps turn the daily deluge of information and all of its data into actionable knowledge. Whether you are an information worker or just want a better way to stay informed about the world around you, Avogadro One seeks to use the power of machine learning to help you.

Fundamentally, Avogadro One wants to make information management suck less. Spend less time fighting with multiple sites and tools and more time actually gathering knowledge.

Some of our top features

Your life does not revolve around your computer. Neither should your research. Avogadro One is optimized for any device, any time. Desktop, laptop, tablet, or even mobile -- we have you covered.
And, for those on tablets or mobile devices, no apps are required. Avogadro One is designed with the progressive web in mind, providing an app-like native experience in your device browser.
The pain of information management comes from endless use of search engines, followed by site searches, followed by disorganized and disheveled bookmarking -- at best. When did you need that report ready by?
Information management is much more than bookmarks. It's much more than note taking. Avogadro One makes it all easy, providing access to the articles, feeds, reports, papers, and other information sources in a single platform. Spend more time doing actual research and less time just searching.
Avogadro One was built by technologists with decades of experience. When investment analysts and web architects come together to build tools for information workers, you get something special. We understand your day-to-day workflows and your information consumption challenges. That's why we built Avogadro One in the first place -- because we wanted to use it for ourselves!

Our Vision

Avogadro's constant is a scaling factor between microscopic and macroscopic observations of nature. In today's information landscape, it can be hard to separate the big picture you're being sold from the fine details of reality. Let Avogadro One be that scaling factor for you. We help you navigate the small details in an effort to understand the real big picture. We help you turn all of that information into real, actionable knowledge.

The overarching trends in science and technology are macroscopic. You're already aware of them. That's why you're looking for deeper knowledge. But the microscopic deluge of content in the form of papers, articles, and blogs is hard to manage. Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo and others return you the results that advertisers and marketers have engineered for you to see. Pure feed readers don't apply intelligence at best, and just give you a stream of confirmation bias at worst. Let Avogadro One be that scaling factor for tying together the trends with the news and to separate the signal from the noise.

Ultimately, Avogadro One wants to automate the repetitive and boring tasks information management. We want to use the power of computing, deep and machine learning, language processing and other technologies to help turn your information curiosity into actionable knowledge. Whether you're an expert, an individual, or a firm or fund, our aim is: research. don't search.

Who We Are

Vitalie Eremia

Cofounder, CEO, Director

A financial analyst with 13 years of equity research experience

Erik Jacobs

Cofounder, CTO, Director

A former CTO and cofounder with a decade of technical marketing and sales engineering experience

Kyle Gonzales


An experienced technical sales executive building and leading teams

Jeff Bone


A serial entrepreneur and former head of business for foreign exchange and fixed income trading

Daniel Raynaud


Former Googler and a 20-year valley veteran engineer and product manager